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case-studiesClient: Large outbound contact centre

Situation: The client was using 9 agencies who were all recruiting in their own way, using their own information and all billing invoices separately. 

Solution: We created a master vendor agreement where all the suppliers reported to ourselves and we take full responsibility for all recruitment targets giving the client a single point of contact. In addition to this, all the 2nd tier agencies use the same information and the same processes that they have been contracted to use by us, making the company look far more professional. The client received a single charge per week for all recruitment saving them time and costs whilst attracting a better standard of candidate through increased professionalism.


Client: International manufacturer

Situation: A major product fault was reported on the national news and threw the company's switchboard into complete chaos. Hundreds of calls were missed per hour and their image was becoming tarnished through the amount of angry customers taking to social media.

Solution: Within 48 hours we recruited 120 call handlers who were in place from 8am to 8pm to take calls from the public, log their details and explain to the customer the process for returning their product. After 2 weeks this turned to proactively contacting the remaining customers that had not already called, to let them know about the problem and the solution they were offering.


Client: Major Telecom provider

Situation: One of the top mobile phone brands in the UK were reaching their business peak time of the year with the launch of the new model of a popular phone. They were increasing their headcount by 95 outbound salespeople and 45 inbound salespeople through an incumbent supplier. With the client expecting these salespeople to be hitting training on the following Monday they were contacted by the  supplier on the Thursday to let them know that they would be 45 heads short on the Outbound campaign and 25 heads short on the inbound campaign. This was going to leave them a massive gap in their call time capabilities and cost the business peak time revenue.

Solution: With only 4 days to go we rallied our resources and worked tirelessly through the weekend to ensure that we delivered the whole 70 people they desperately needed, actually over offering by 12 people to make sure we had the numbers turn up for training on the Monday morning. Not only did we over deliver the headcount that they so badly needed but the feedback was that the standard of candidate we had delivered was head and shoulders above the quality that they normally receive from the other supplier. 8 weeks after the project we were asked to take over the contract on a permanent basis.


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