Our Services – Candidate Attraction

We maintain an extensive and varied network of sources in each applicable field, and this is being expanded on a continuous basis. Consequently, our first option upon embarking upon a new hiring phase is to consult our database of contacts, which includes professionals of all levels and expertise. In some instances we may find that the perfect candidate is already within our network of contacts, and in these cases we would contact them first if it has been identified that they would be suitable for the position, but typical procedure would be to attract applications by advertising on the following websites, amongst others:

  • Reed
  • Indeed
  • Total Jobs
  • CV Library
  • MyJobGroup
  • Monster
  • Jobsite

Advertisements placed on these websites do yield excellent results for our consultants to analyse, although tend to be limited to professionals who are actively looking to move on to another company or those between jobs. Whilst this is suitable in some instances and often results in the recruitment of a terrific candidate, for more specialised positions which require a particular type of training or skillset, or roles where a competitive package is being offered, it may be necessary to attempt to attract those that might not ordinarily be reached by advertising means.

In these instances we would look to make use of our network of contacts within the specific industry, and we would enquire with individuals who in turn have a large network of connections in order to ascertain if they have any suggestions as to whom might be an appropriate candidate. We also make use of the Linkedin professional recruiter package, which opens up a wide resource of potential applicants, easily searchable by specialisations or other variables and readily contactable.

We have also employed some not so run of the mill tactics to attract candidates such as handing out leaflets in town centres, taking out promotion stalls at local events, placing advertising in local supermarkets or on buses and even hiring a man to ride a bicycle pulling a billboard trailer behind him – you name it we will do it in order to deliver the people you need.


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