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Telephone Pre-Screens and Telephone Interviews

A well written pre-screen can be invaluable for volume recruitment. It can minimise the amount of time spent fully interviewing applicants that do not suit your profile, so that you can concentrate your efforts towards candidates who are potential employees.

We work with Clients to build a punchy but not robotic pre-screen, we still need to be able to set the candidate at ease in order to get a true idea of their real personality.

In the first instance we believe we should be covering the basics; does their background match what you are looking for, are they serious about the role or are they going to use it as a stepping stone, what are their aspirations, do the shift times and days fit in with their lifestyle, do they have any holidays booked and, of course, will they pass the required credit / criminal background checks.

Once a candidate has satisfied the above criteria they can be moved to the next stage, the Telephone Interview.

After agreeing the whole selection process we will know just how in depth the Telephone Interview stage needs to be. Some clients prefer to have a shorter telephone interview followed by an in depth group assessment and one to one interview whereas some clients prefer a much more in-depth Telephone Interview followed by a shorter face to face interview process. Both can work equally well when managed properly.

We are happy to advise on the process that will suit you best, working with you to write a pre-screen and a telephone interview that matches your company's individual needs.


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