Our services – Candidate Retention

At Contact Careers we have a full appreciation of the challenges of call centre recruitment; attrition during training can be a massive issue for many call centres if not properly managed. Starting a new role can be a daunting experience and can cause candidates to drop out during their first few weeks – costing the client money, time, and valuable dialling hours. This not only impacts their financials but can also have a negative impact on the reputation of the company, making future candidate attraction even more challenging.

We have worked with several clients on improving their on boarding and training processes to reduce attrition throughout their first weeks of training.

Some examples of the work we have done:

  • Attending site on the first morning of training to welcome new starters, check them in and introduce to trainers, and help with any day 1 nerves and questions
  • Visiting new training groups to have 1-1 meetings with candidates to gain feedback on their experience and impressions of the company, and head off any issues
  • Putting together bespoke anonymous feedback questionnaires to gain insight into candidates’ experiences throughout the recruitment and training process
  • Compiling management information for our clients
  • Meeting with workers as a 3rd party to gain a real insight into the challenges they find in the workplace.
  • Mystery candidates – we have conducted a number of trials where a member of our team has undergone the full recruitment process from initial contact through to grad bay – they can then report on every aspect of the on-boarding process and where we feel we can help you improve it.


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